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Linux, DevOps and Open Source Fanatic. Specializing in Linux and I currently work as a DevOps Engineer @Jumo.World. I have a high level of curiosity, so everything tech fascinates me, currently fascinated with Docker, LXD/LXC, Elasticsearch, MongoDb, Concourse CI and Python Flask

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Jumo 2017-06-01 - Current

DevOps Engineer @ Jumo.World

DevOps Engineer for Jumo. The business is a mobile financial services platform for mobile network operators and banks. The platform facilitates digital financial services such as credit and savings in emerging markets by way of USSD short codes.


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Docker Swarm, Ansible, Chef, Concourse CI, Monitoring, Elasticsearch, Analytics
  • Python, Ruby Scripting
  • Architecting, Providing Solutions for Real World Problems, Ensure Uptime, Chaos Simulation for HA,

Amazon Web Services 2014-08-01 — 2017-05-31

DevOps Engineer @ Jumo.World

Within AWS Premium Support Team. Provide Technical, Architectural and Overall supoort to AWS Customers that is subscribed to Developer, Business and Enterprise Support, withing the BigData environment.


  • Provide support on services like, EMR (Elastic MapReduce), DynamoDB (NoSQL), Kinesis, Kinesis Firehose, DataPipeline, Elasticsearch, MachineLearning
  • Technical Support may include assisting customers troubleshooting Cluster Performance, why Jobs fail, best practices, General Guidance, Architectural advice, etc.
  • Many times, we need to reproduce certain scenarios, in order to determine the root cause of support cases
  • Wrote a script to generate massive amounts of random data using the Faker library for Python, which helps with getting datasets of 20-40GB in a couple of minutes.

Amazon Web Services 2014-08-01 — 2014-10-01

EC2 Linux, Cloud Support Engineer

Providing Support for Customers with EC2 Linux related issues.


  • Customers seek for support on EC2 related issues that they might face.
  • Technical support may include topics like, instance performance, reachability issues, assisting with deployments, best practices, securing instances, etc.
  • After a month, I was asked if I would be interested in BigData, at the time I had no knowledge about BigData, but saw it as a challenge, and jumped right in.

Computicket 2014-03-01 — 2014-07-31

Linux System Administrator

Responsible for Managing Linux Servers, within the Computicket Data Center


  • Ensure Uptime, making sure all Linux Systems are Patched and that system load remains in a acceptable level during high-load events
  • Assisting developers during testing, development stages to provision or support their environments
  • Supporting internal clients with any issues they may be faced with
  • Assisting after hours for upgrades, maintenance etc.

Automated Outsourcing Services (AOS) 2013-09-01 — 2014-02-28

Linux / Network Administrator

Managed Linux/Unix Servers and providing support for internal developers.


  • Ensure uptime, maintenance, making sure backups are in place
  • Assisting internal developers when they are facing performance issues on database servers
  • Assisting the rest of the team when they seek an Linux related support
  • Providing monthly shutdown/maintenance on servers/environment

Imperial Online (ISP) 2009-09-01 — 2013-08-31

Snr. Linux Engineer (Intenret Services)

Team Lead, Responsible for Managing +- 80 Linux Servers in a Internet Service Provider environment


  • Architecting customized solutions that fit customers needs
  • Ensure uptime, management on Linux servers, making sure backups and DR is in place
  • Assisting colleagues with Linux related advice, training etc.
  • Research and Development
  • Actioning or assisting with support related tickets

Imperial Online (ISP) 2008-03-01 — 2009-08-31

Systems Engineer

Providing Desktop Support for all customers


  • In 2009, I was assigned to be a dedicated engineer for Imperial Car Rental, Europcar and Tempest Car Hire
  • Same time, became second in line to our Manager
  • Assisting customers with support in Email, PC issues, Printers, PC Reloads, Scripting, everything else that resides in the desktop support space
  • Assisted the second tier support with common server rebuilds, exchange offline defrags, etc.

Conexus 2007-07-14 — 2008-02-28

Helpdesk Agent

Heldesk Agent for Imperial Online


  • Providing basic support, if we could not assist, we would then log the request with Imperial Online Operations team
  • Providing Customers with Updates on case status, resolution, etc.

CTI, Potchefstroom 2006-01-16 — 2006-12-15

IT Engineering

Hosting, ISP Env

  • Linux System Administration
  • Nginx/Apache/PHP
  • MySQL/Replication
  • Postfix/Dovecot/Courier
  • OpenXchange/Zimbra
  • MailScanner/AmavisD
  • Bind/DnsMasq
  • Squid/Varnish/Redis
  • Iptables
  • Nagios/Cacti/MRTG/
  • MongoDB
  • XtreemFS (Distributed Storage)
  • BackupFS/Cronjobs/Zamanda
  • Samba

Web Applications

  • Python Flask
  • Node.js (Basics)
  • Wordpress


  • OpenVZ
  • KVM/Libvirt
  • VirtualBox-Headless
  • Citrix Xen
  • OpenStack


  • Fabric
  • GIT
  • Ansible (Basics)


  • Bash
  • Python


  • Python (Basics)
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