A couple of projects that I keep myself busy with

Technical Content Writing

I’m passionate about learning and distributing my knowledge on my blogs:

And on community blogs:


Monitoring Made Easy

Monitoring with Docker and Grafana should be as simple as possible and therefore, I have built a repository docker-monitoring-stack-gpnc to do so:


A github repository with most of the commands, code-snippets that I stumbled upon and saved for reference:


Running blockchain nodes on Containers:

Bekker Stacks

Ready to Deploy Docker Swarm Stacks

K3M - Kubernetes on Multipass

Run k3s distribution of kubernetes on multipass

Elasticsearch Hands-On Tutorial

Step-by-Step, in-depth Elasticsearch Workshop

MongoDB Hands-On Tutorial with Python

Step-by-Step, pymongo workshop with python:

Python Flask - My First Python App

When I was busy learning Python, I wanted to create a web based application that can save bookmarks to MongoDB and Search via Elasticsearch:

Other Projects


A list of my workshops demonstrating hands-on usage of services:

Community Support

I help out answering tech related questions on mediums such as AWS and DevOps user groups, but most of the time I have a dedicated slack channel where people can reach out to me:

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